Analyzing Effective Criteria on Attraction the Foreign Sport Tourists to Iran


1 Allame Tabatabaie University

2 University of Tehran

3 University of Isfahan


1- Introduction
Today many countries in the world use of tourism industry for revenue’s main resource, employing, growing the private firms and improving the infrastructures that sport tourism has very important role in development of this industry. In spite of variety and incredible effects of sport tourism on different societies, our country (Iran) is not so developed in foreign sport tourists’ attraction. Therefore the purpose of this study was to analyze the effective criteria on attraction of foreign sport tourists to Iran.
2- Theoretical Bases and Key Concepts
Sport Tourism: Sport Tourism is traveling with trading or non trading objectives for participating or observing the sport matches.
Sport Tourist: Sport Tourist is a person that participates in competitive or recreational sport match actively or inactively in out of your habitat. According to this definition, athletes, spectators, referees, coaches, reporters and participants in sport congress are sport tourist.
Tourism Attractions: one trait, region or complex of actions that cause to attract tourists to the special area.
3- Discussion
In this study for access to researches’ purpose, at first stage by referring to scientific resources and also conversation by dominant masters, discovered the criteria of sport tourists’ attraction and organized finally in triple groups: 1. politic, social and cultural criteria (9 criteria), 2. Those criteria are relevant to infrastructures (4 criteria) and 3.Managerial criteria (7 criteria). In the after stage, two different questionnaires designed in dual comparison of criteria and seven scales forms, translated in three English, Russian and Arabic languages and distributed among 160 persons of sport tourists (research statistics sample). First questionnaire (dual comparison) distributed among whole persons but second questionnaire distributed among four groups with 40 persons (1. European countries sport tourists 2. Sport tourists of countries with Russian language 3. The Southeast Asian countries sport tourists 4.Sport tourists of countries with Arabic language). For analyzing the extracted information of questionnaires used of Analytical Hierarchy Method and TOPSIS Method in fuzzy environment. In the last stage earned the final results by calculating the average of the results of two methods.
4- Conclusion
According to the final results, among political, social and cultural criteria: 1. host people’s suitable treatment and creating the suitable and peaceful environment for tourists, 2- spectators’ suitable treatment in sport matches with foreign tourists and 3- suitable political relevance between two countries among those criteria are relevant to infrastructures: 1- existence the high level of sport in host countries and 2- existence the advanced and suitable sport places and facilities for exercise and match and among Managerial criteria: 1- giving the considerable rewards for superior persons or teams, 2- proper advertisement for sport event in international level by host country and 3- proper advertisement for tourism attractions by host country recognized prior in comparison by other criteria.
5- Suggestions
Suggestions of this study are:
5-1- Financial investment and correct studies for development the country’s sport infrastructure that this issue can cause to develop sport, promote the foreign athletes and teams tendency to travel to Iran and also promote the international games and tournaments, that provide the context of attraction many sport tourists.
5-2- Suitable advertisement in the international level for variety natural attraction, tradition, art and also Iran’s ancient historical places.
5-3- Suitable advertisement for international games that do in Iran.
5-4- Giving the considerable rewards that this issue can simulate athletes or teams for traveling to Iran.